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At One Good Smile, we strive to have cutting-edge dental technology for our patients. CEREC is one new technology in the field of dentistry that we are bringing to the forefront of our patients’ minds. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is a sophisticated system to improve the speed of dental restorations.

With CEREC you’re able to visit the dental office for a single appointment and leave that appointment with a set of high-quality dental restorations. With this system, we can design your dental restorations in one only visit, eliminating the need to come back for various design consultations and fittings. With CEREC, we are now able to offer even better and faster dental restorations for every patient who comes through our doors.

Because CEREC technology utilizes both 3D imaging and CAD/CAM tech to assist in creating a virtual restoration, there are no more impression trays and the mess that comes with them. This technology can be used to create an onlay, inlay, dental crown, or dental bridge in a single visit.

Once we have your virtual impressions and we design the restoration digitally, we will then use the CEREC milling unit. This unit builds the actual restoration–all while you sit back in the dental chair and chat with the team. Once it has been milled, we remove the restoration from the machine and thoroughly examine in to ensure it’s the perfect restoration for your needs. If you have any questions before we implement the restoration, feel free to ask.

The entire CEREC process is meant to be extremely streamlined and simple, and that’s exactly what you’ll find it to be. It’s straightforward and timesaving, which means you’ll be back to your daily life in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Your new restoration will have you eating, drinking, and speaking as normal without any delay. To learn more about how a CEREC restoration in Schaumburg can help you, contact our office today.

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