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Dental Bridges

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Dental Bridges in Schaumburg, IL

Dental bridges are used to fill the gaps where you have missing teeth. When the gaps of lost teeth are not filled, the shape of the face will change because the chin will begin to move upward and forward and lips can appear thinner, causing you to look older. A dental bridge will help restore your natural bite and assist in maintaining the structure of your face.

The Purpose of Dental Bridges

Bridging the gap between teeth preserves your facial appearance and the integrity of existing teeth. While filling gaps with a bridge does offer cosmetic enhancements, it also enables your teeth and mouth to properly function. By choosing not to fill the gap from a missing tooth, the other teeth will begin to shift. This shifting can cause bone shrinkage or loss in the jaw and it can produce undue stress on your healthy teeth. If the remaining teeth begin to shift at different angles, thorough cleaning becomes an issue, which can lead to other problems including gum disease or tooth decay.

A traditional dental bridge is the most common type of bridge and is an option when you have existing teeth on either side of the gap. The existing teeth are reshaped and fitted for crowns with a false tooth secured in the middle. Your dental team can also inform you of other types of dental bridges that are available, including implant-supported bridges.

The process of getting a dental bridge requires preparation of the teeth by removing enamel for a crown to fit over them. A mold will be taken to ensure the crowns will appropriately fit and fill the gap. Once the dental bridge is constructed, it will be installed and adjusted for comfort and proper function.

A dental bridge can keep your smile looking healthy and beautiful and prevent further tooth damage and bone loss. To see if a dental bridge in Schaumburg is right for you, contact our office today.

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