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Mini Implants

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Mini Implants in Schaumburg, IL

If you want to replace lost teeth, you will surely gravitate to a dental implant. But regular sized dental implants are not the only option. Your dentist may also offer mini dental implants as an approach to preserving all remaining bone mass if you are not interested in, or can’t receive, a conventional dental implant.

A mini dental implant is just that: a smaller version of a regular implant. These implants are less invasive by nature, which is a perk that causes many patients to opt for them over conventional dental implants. Some patients will be guided in this direction by their dentist if they do not have the bone mass in their jaw to hold a conventional implant. In this case, a mini dental implant may be the best option.

Mini dental implants have the same structure as regular implants except they are slightly smaller in form. Mini implants have two parts to them, a titanium post and a socket with a rubber O-ring. This O-ring attaches the tooth to the post. While a regular implant is 3.4 to 5.8 mm wide, a mini dental implant is just 1.8 mm to 3.3 mm in diameter and 10 mm to 15 mm long. The lesser dimensions mean that a mini dental implant will not be nearly as invasive.

For the average patient, a regular implant is the one they will opt for, but if you have special considerations, you may be interested in learning more about how mini dental implants differ from conventional ones. In this case, we urge you to schedule a free consultation. During this appointment, you’ll get to come in and sit down with your dentist to talk about your options. They can explain the differences between a regular and mini dental implant and guide you in the right direction for your oral health. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about mini dental implants in Schaumburg.

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