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General Dentistry

The practice of general dentistry offers a wide range of dental services such as diagnoses, treatments, and the management of overall oral health including preventative maintenance, dental cleanings, x-rays, dental exams, fillings, crowns & bridges, root canals, and gum care. The goal is to help you take care of and preserve your natural teeth so you can feel great about your smile throughout life.

Couple Brushing Teeth for Dental Health In Schaumburg, IL in Schaumburg, IL
Whiter Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry In Schaumburg, IL in Schaumburg, IL

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of options that can transform your teeth and improve your smile. Whether your teeth are chipped, broken, stained, gapped, or misaligned, the options available through modern cosmetic dentistry will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. A “smile makeover” not only affects your appearance, but it also impacts your level of confidence and helps enhance the health of your teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an important consideration if you have missing teeth. Having healthy teeth should always be your goal along with keeping your own permanent teeth for a lifetime. However, if you do experience the loss of a tooth, dental implants are a great alternative. When you are missing teeth, not only does it affect your personal confidence, it can also compromise the health of your entire mouth. An empty space where a tooth once was will cause the jawbone to deteriorate and your existing teeth will start to shift, which can result in a misaligned bite. Dental implants look, function and feel like your natural teeth and are perhaps the most appropriate alternative for tooth replacement.

Woman Smiling with Dental Implants In Schaumburg, IL in Schaumburg, IL
Patient Talking with Oral Surgeon In Schaumburg, IL in Schaumburg, IL

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is very common and can be used to treat a variety of dental problems, from tooth loss to wisdom tooth extractions.  Oral surgeons are specialists that focus on providing you the safest, most comfortable care in a surgical setting. Oral surgeons and dentists typically work together to ensure the desired outcome through a combined course of care.

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