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Practically everyone will get at least one cavity in their lifetime. Cavities are caused by bacteria that becomes acidic and penetrates through the enamel of your tooth. Sometimes cavities are painful, but they do cause permanent damage to your teeth and if the decay is not removed, it can grow larger.

Practicing good oral hygiene habits will aid in the prevention of cavities, but sometimes your eating habits can increase your risk. There is a variety of bacteria that colonizes in the mouth, both good and bad. Eating foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates increases the acidic effects of the cavity-causing bacteria, which works its way into the tight spaces in and around the teeth. Many of your teeth already have grooves that are difficult to brush and when food gets lodged in these tiny cracks and remains the bacteria eat through the tooth surface to form deeper pits where the decay will thrive.

If the decay is not removed by your dentist in the early stages, it can damage the nerves and roots of your teeth and infect the gum tissues, which could result in larger cavities or even tooth loss and gum disease.

However, regular trips to the dentist can prevent cavities. Your dentist has special tools that can detect decay, clean it away and address any oral health issues you have. Stopping cavities in their tracks will prevent you from enduring the pain of a toothache and will help you keep your natural teeth for years to come.

If you are experiencing pain from a dental cavity in Schaumburg, schedule an appointment today and let our dentist help.

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