Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Schaumburg, IL

Many people have one or more wisdom teeth extracted. It is a routine surgical procedure and is often recommended for individuals whose wisdom teeth are impacted, growing in at an angle, or if the teeth are causing pain and overcrowding.

The wisdom teeth are positioned in the far back corners at the top and bottom of the mouth. They are referred to as third molars and usually erupt through the gum line between the ages of 17 and 25. Wisdom tooth experiences vary widely from person to person. Sometimes people have their wisdom teeth without ever experiencing any discomfort while others never develop wisdom teeth at all. In other instances, individuals endure major pain as the wisdom teeth begin pushing against other teeth either below or above the gum line or become impacted.

Issues Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can grow at angles or remain trapped in the jawbone and attempt to squeeze into an area where there’s not enough space. When this occurs, it can result in minor to severe pain, the development of cysts, damage to the gums or other teeth, gum disease, or cavities. An exam and x-ray will help your dentist determine the need and method of wisdom tooth extraction.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

The actual extraction procedure takes place in-office and the dentist will either numb the area or provide sedation to prevent you from feeling any pain. There are different methods of sedation and the deciding factor is based on your level of anxiety and your dentist’s recommendations.

The extraction will be done in a gentle manner, ensuring that roots and all tooth particles are removed while protecting the surrounding teeth. The area will then be sutured, and you’ll be provided with gauze to cover the extraction site for a few days. Following the wisdom tooth extractions, your dentist will supply you with specific instructions that best suit your recovery needs. Wisdom tooth extractions are an effective treatment for preventing future issues and eliminating existing problems. If you are in need of wisdom tooth extractions in Schaumburg, schedule an appointment with our dental team today.

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