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TMJ Treatment

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TMJ Treatment in Schaumburg, IL

Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort in your jaws? Do you occasionally hear or feel popping sounds when chewing? If so, it is possible you have a TMJ disorder (TMD). The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a ball and socket joint that essentially acts like a “sliding hinge” that attaches your jawbone to the skull on either side. This joint enables you to chew, move your mouth, and speak. Teeth clenching or grinding, arthritis, injury, or even genetics may cause TMJ disorders. Fortunately, the pain and discomfort can usually be alleviated through non-surgical means typically.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

It is estimated that a third of all individuals experience the popping or clicking sounds in jaw movements. For some, the popping is so loud, it can be heard by others. The severity of pain varies from person to person. In addition to the jaw pain, TMJ disorder can also cause pain in the temples or cheeks.

Oftentimes people clench their teeth while sleeping, in which case the pain or stiffness is more prominent upon waking each morning. Other symptoms of TMJ disorders include ear or facial pain and tenderness in the jaw area. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your dentist for an appointment for an accurate diagnosis.

How Your Dentist Can Help

A TMJ disorder is often temporary and will dissipate after a few days. However, it can also be a chronic condition that causes excruciating pain. In many cases, if the pain is stress-related and caused by teeth clenching, jaw exercises along with hot and cold therapy can prove beneficial in helping the pain subside. Another cause for jaw pain could be related to teeth problems or misalignment in your bite.

Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your jaw and mouth to determine the underlying cause and work with you to develop a treatment plan. If you think TMJ Treatment in Schaumburg could be beneficial, please schedule a consultation with our office today.

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